Airline pilot reportedly caught texting during takeoff on flight from North

Airline pilot reportedly caught texting during takeoff on flight from North
An airline pilot flying as a passenger from Charlotte, North Carolina to Tampa, Florida reportedly was caught texting on his cellphone while the plane was taking off, in violation of federal regulations. The Charlotte Observer reports passenger Chad …
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Is North Korea’s Air Koryo the world’s worst airline? It may be the quirkiest
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — If an Air Koryo passenger ignores its no-photography rule, a flight attendant might take the camera and delete the pictures herself. Crumpling up a newspaper bearing the image of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un can …
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The Vivid And Daring Visual Identities Of Airlines During The Jet Age
When Continental announced its sudden merger with United Airlines back in 2010, they unveiled the very vanilla visual identity that’s still in use today. The uninspired new logo—which simply stuck the United Airlines name onto Continental’s blue …
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Airline upends No. 4 Union Parish

Airline upends No. 4 Union Parish
For a second consecutive week the Airline Vikings had more firepower than an opponent that came into the season with a lot of fanfare. On Friday, coach Bo Meeks' club dominated Class 3A's No. 4 ranked Union Parish, winning 21-0, despite drawing a …
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American Airlines Plane Lands After Captain Gets Sick Mid-Flight
An American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Baltimore turned around in mid-air after the captain reported feeling ill, the airline said Monday. Flight 618, which had 85 passengers on board turned back and landed in Phoenix about one hour and 20 minutes …

Qantas chief: China-Australia pact will create largest global airline partnership

Qantas chief: China-Australia pact will create largest global airline partnership
SYDNEY, Australia – The head of Australia's largest airline said its partnership with China Eastern would become its largest global partnership, once the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement is enacted. Speaking on Xinhua's Talk to China Program …
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Decline in Oil Prices Spur Buyback Activity in Airline Space
Lower jet fuel prices have been a boon for the airline industry given the inversely proportional relation between crude prices and the value of aviation stocks. According to data released by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, jet fuel costs …

American Airlines leaving downtown Tempe

American Airlines leaving downtown Tempe
The vacancy, the result of an $ 11 billion 2013 merger between the airlines, will leave a major vacancy in downtown Tempe. But it won't result in much of a net change in the airline's total employment of about 10,000 in Arizona, about 10 percent of the …

Airline Pilot Flying as Passenger Caught Texting During Takeoff
No one should be more acutely aware than an airline pilot of the importance of keeping electronic devices off or in “airplane mode” during critical moments of a flight, but as the Charlotte Observer reports, one such pilot — flying as a passenger …
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The Best Airline Bargains, If You Have a Taste for Adventure

The Best Airline Bargains, If You Have a Taste for Adventure
The airline picks your destination. Germanwings, a discount European carrier owned by Lufthansa, DLAKY 0.12 % offers what it calls “blind booking'' tickets as cheap as €33 ($ 37) each way. You pick your dates and your interest: party, culture, shopping, …
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Trader bets on turbulence for this airline company
However, one trader is betting on some turbulence for one airline company in particular: Delta. On Wednesday, the biggest options trade of the day on Delta was a purchase of 2,700 March 39 puts for $ 2.40. The trade will be profitable if Delta shares …
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Prosecutor: Doctor who treated airline pilots at Kennedy Airport sold
NEW YORK – Authorities say a doctor who treated airline pilots at New York's Kennedy Airport sold oxycodone prescriptions to his patients. New York City's special narcotics prosecutor says Dr. Gerald Surya was arrested Thursday on 26 counts of criminal …
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